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Don't be a victim of fraud. Invest in an Internal Control Review for your construction business.

Could fraud be occurring in your construction business? Do have policies and procedures in place for your personnel follow? Want an auditor's expert advice on the effectiveness of your internal controls?

Let Frazer, LLP help you understand the strength of your internal control environment by conducting an Internal Control Review.

During our Internal Control Review process we will:

  • Gain an understanding of your current process and key business risks through interviews and review of documentation.
  • Document, as needed, the existing system of internal controls.
  • Assess the design and operational effectiveness/efficiency of key controls within the selected accounting related business cycles.
  • Provide you with actionable advice to implement stronger controls in your company.

While evaluating internal controls is a methodical process, advisors who understand the construction industry can conduct a more comprehensive engagement, which will provide you with greater value.

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